Combustion-modified ether (CME) foams

Standard ether or high resilience (HR) foams

Combustion-modified high resilience (CMHR) foams

Ester foams

 Viscoelastic (VE) foams

Re-bonded foams

Standard  ether  or  HR  foams  are produced by using mixtures of polymeric polyols or special inoculated polyols. The polyurethane high resilence foam has got a cell structure less uniform and differing from the standard foam. Due to this structure, better parametres of supporting the person`s body, comfort and resilience are gained.


CME and CMHR foams are most likely to be found in furniture and bedding applications.  They contain flame retardants and comply with the furniture and furnishings fire safety legislation.


Viscoelastic  foams  are  used  more  in  bedding  applications  as  they  were developed  for  pressure  reduction.    They  are  most  commonly  used  in mattresses  for  hospitals  and  nursing  homes  to  reduce  the  incidence  of pressure  sores  but  are  rapidly  increasing  in  popularity  for  domestic beds.


Ester  foams  are  used  in  a  wide  range  of  markets  such  as  automotive, industrial, consumer  and  hygiene. Esters have  good solvent resistance.


Re-bonded  foams are  manufactured  using  production  scrap  and  trimmings and are bound together to make a new foam block.  These are used mostly in carpet underlay and lower cost, but high hardness, areas of furniture such as bed or sofa bases.




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